Crescendo Hairpin forces all Staff text below it

• Feb 3, 2019 - 13:23
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S4 - Minor
  1. Create a Muse 3 file; in Format --> Style, make sure "Staff Text" is set to below text
  2. Add Note(s)
  3. Select note
  4. to add Staff Text
  5. Add Staff Text
  6. Click else where to exit "Staff Text" mode
  7. Click on note where you want to add your line
  8. On left menu bar, select "Lines"
  9. Select second option: "Crescendo Hairpin"
  10. Drag selected item to the note you selected
  11. ISSUE: the "Crescendo Hairpin" forces all text below the "Crescendo Hairpin" - this does not happen in MuseScore 2.3.2. In lower MuseScore version, you can place Crescendo Hairpin below text. In the newer Musescore 3, if you try to move the "Staff Text" above the "Crescendo Hairpin", it automatically puts back to below the "Crescendo Hairpin".
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My sense is that this would be considered correct for most real world usages of text below the staff. Can you give a specific example where it is not? Anyhow, to deviate from the standard/default layout, uncheck autoplace in the inspector for one or the other of the elements.

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I have several drum books that have the placement of the hairpin below the text for the notes. From a drummer perspective, I am looking at the hand combinations first, then dynamics. It seems unchecking autoplace works. I was looking for something like this check box in the style (Format --> Style) and did not think of the inspector. The problem now is that I have to do it every time. The setting is not saved for the next hairpin, but I think I understand why - it does offer some additional flexibility. Also, when you bring a v2 file into v3, it autoplaces it, so each score that has it has to be "fixed". THANKS for pointing out the Inspector!

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There are different types of text. You are using staff text here, which would normally not be used for this purpose. "Fingering" text would be more appropriate, except it currently cannot be flipped below the staff. That would be a valid enhancement request, so feel free to submit a formal Suggestion for this here in the issue tracker. I know the underlying implementation would support it easily.

Fingering text also does not have letters such as "L" or "l" for left or "R" or "r" for right. Staff text is my only option, but I will suggest an enhancement. thanks,

You can edit fingering text like any other, also add it to a custom palette. But I do encourage you to submit an official suggestion to add a Placement setting. Default is to put it above for voice 1, below for voice 2. Also below for the second staff of a grand staff, so maybe you could trick it into putting them below by adding an invisible staff above (within the same instrument)