Break Multi-measure Rest

• Feb 9, 2019 - 06:40

In Musescore 3, I want to have multi-measure rests in one of the parts, but I want individual multi-measure rests to look like regular whole rests. However, I can only find a way to have only Multi-measure rests or Whole Rests throughout the whole song. Is there a way to turn an individual multi-measure rest into whole rests?


Unless you've set the minimum multimeasure rests to 1 you can't replace one multimeasure rest with one whole rest. To turn one individual multimeasure rest into a series of whole rests first disable multimeasure rests, then right click all those measures you want to show whole rests and in the measure properties tick "break multimeasure rest", then enable them again

This might be a bit of a pain, but you can right click on a measure, then select the "measure properties" option in the drop down menu. That opens up a dialogue box. In that box there's a tick box called "break multimeasure rest." If you do this for every measure you want to be a whole rest, then you'll have what I think you're describing.

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