Mixing two parts together

• Feb 25, 2019 - 14:28

I wonder if it is possible to mix the notes of two parts (in this case a piano part) together on one stave without having to do it manually.
I have tried the usual New score and copy and paste, but that does not seem to work, I have also tried to add 2nd voice, no good...

It concerns very simple parts, an example is attached.
Please ignore the bottomline, I was a bit too quick when taking the screenshot.
It is about the two top lines which are a piano part.

Hope it is possible.
Thank you in advance.


Select the measures and use Tools->Implode. This will put the notes in two voices. Select the top staff and do it again and like rhythms will be inserted into voice 1. So your first three measures would end up in voice 1 and the 4th would have 2 voices.

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