Note input - Change note duration with mouse wheel

• Feb 22, 2019 - 16:35

I have used Rosegarden a lot to input notes using the mouse. A wonderful feature is the ability to change the note duration using the mouse wheel. It really speeds up the activity of inputting music. It means that you aren't having to make huge mouse moves or use another hand to change the note duration. The function of changing the note duration is similar to the Shift-Q and Shift-W shortcuts. THe durations go up or down by dotted notes.

Currently the mouse scrolls the score up and down while in N input mode which is not really a function I need while inputting notes. I want to concentrate of the act of inoutting the notes without having to move my mouse unnecessarily.

Thank you for your consideration to thsi function. Please try it out in Rosegarden to see how intuitive it is.

Thanks again


I use keyboard to enter all of my notes and allowing the mouse to change the duration of the notes rather than scrolling would be problematic. While entering notes, when you enter the last note on a system, musescore jumps the cursor to the first beat of the next measure. I usually grab my mouse and spin the wheel to put the cursor back into view when I want to see the note, usually because I'm entering a chord. MuseScore does not have separate keyboard and mouse input modes, so adding this feature would cause problems for others.

I would have no problem with adding a dedicated mouse input mode that included this feature. There are enough other input modes, why not one more?

There was a proposal, and some code written, to implement a right-click menu that would allow selecting of duration via mouse, Still wouldn't be as efficient as keyboard entry, but it would start to get closer. Current master just added a feature where right-click on its own adds a rest, but it would be possible to extend this to show the menu with rest as the default option.

If we could find a way to allow users to use ONLY keyboard or use only mouse for input, that would help make notation and self-publishing with MuseScore a lot more efficient and universal.

+1 on this request.

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