Any way to disable Auto Placement completely in 3.0?

• Mar 19, 2019 - 20:46

I'm still using MuseScore 2.3.2 because I've not seen any evidence that you can fully disable auto-placement in version 3.0, from many accounts. Has this been changed since? This is the sole reason as to why I haven't gotten 3.0 yet, I want to be able to make the adjustments of my score, not the program (which does so in a clunky/inconvenient way). Thanks.


There is almost no reason to use version 3 if you don't want automatic placement. I want to use automatic placement in version 3 but there are too many other bugs that need to be fixed first, so I continue to use version 2.3.2.

No, there is not yet such a feature, although it may come in an update. But please, it would help if you explained the problem you are having with automatic placement. In general, it works incredibly well, saving hours upon hours of time that would otherwise be spent on manual adjustments no longer needed, and even when you do need manual adjustment, you can still do so, either with automatic placement still enabled to allow MuseScore to continue to avoid collisions with the adjusted element, or with it disabled if you wish to actually allow collisions.

Feel free to share the score in which you are still finding the need to do manual adjustments often and we are happy to help see if there is a way to avoid it, which there probably is, and how to easily do the manual adjustment you need otherwise.

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Simply put, I just want to be able to manually adjust the entirety of my score. I'm meticulous in that manner and I don't wanna add another step (constantly pressing "turn off auto placement" on each item) to my process. There's that, and then in general there are some problems with it that I faced during the nightly builds of 3.0 (can't test it out in the current version of 3.0 because it would override my 2.3.2 version). An example when I was just messing around was when I wanted the text for my tempo to be a bit more above the score with larger text within the top frame, and even if I had turned off auto placement on the tempo text, the top frame on the first page couldn't have auto placement turned off. So every time I tried putting the text within the frame, it would move the score down by a lot. At least that's what I remember, some of the details may be fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure that's accurate. That's just one instance, out of others I remember facing, but can't remember the details of. In my opinion the ability to completely turn off auto placement should've been available since day 1.

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You can manually adjust things, without turning off automatic placement. At least, for any "normal" sort of adjustment - eg, if you;re not creating some sort of experimental notation. But if it's just about fine-tuning things to get even better results than the defaults (which are going to be way better in 3.0 than 2.3.2), again, no need to disable automatic placement.

Again, if you are experiencing some sort of problem with this, feel free to attach your score so we can understand and assist better.

As for text that you want to appear within the title frame, better to just add that there directly rather than add it to a staff ten attempt to drag it into the frame. But sure, if you do decide you want to do that, disabling autoplace would do the trick. You don't need to need to that for most adjustments though - just highly unusual ones like moving elements from the staff to within a frame.

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