Why on earth does MuseScore require a graphics driver?

• Apr 19, 2019 - 17:20

So I have a failing graphics card that I decided would be better off with the drivers uninstalled than having to suffer through incessant crashes. However, it's easy enough to do all kinds of things without graphics drivers and it didn't overall displease me - which is why MuseScore's dependence on a graphics driver was the last thing I was expecting.

Is there a way to get this up and running without a driver?


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So I got a tip and just tried it...and it works! Here's the answer for anyone who has the same question as I do.

The responder here provides links and instructions (in this case, to move .dll files into the place where MuseScore's bin folder actually is).


And the download link is here.


And ta-daa...it works!

MuseScore simply won't work on a plain text terminal, and for everything beyond that you need graphics. It is a WYSIWIG application and as such of course needs graphics and so a graphics controller and the corresponding driver.
So why on earth do you thing MuseScore should not require a graphics driver?

Agreed, Jojo. All ordinary computers need graphics and graphics drivers. Perhaps Gidoza was confused by the fact CPUs these days have integrated graphics, which will work with stock OS (like Windows) drivers and so you don't have to be conscious of them. If you start with a card using mfr drivers, and disable it, an application (MS?) may be confused.

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