Illogical distances between systems

• Apr 20, 2019 - 04:39

In the attached score, on page 3 there is an abundance of space between the first and second systems. Between the rest of the systems there is an absolute minimum distance.

The Barber of Seville.mscz

I created the score in 2.3.2 and reset all of the locations edits upon import.


After conversion from MS2 to MS3 i often got a better spacing by changing the placement of dynamics from below to above.

The only space I'm talking about is between the systems. Every system on the page starts with first flute and ends with the contrabass. I have no invisible instruments, though there are an abundance of hidden staves because they do not have notes on them. There is nothing between the first and second systems to make them farther apart than the other systems.

It seems the layout algorithm is putting max space between the first and second systems then only the min space is left between the other systems.

What should happen is that the space between systems should be divided equally between the systems so they are evenly spaced. This also happens in other places in the score, but I figured this example would show the problem.

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