Clicking sound when inputting notes (Musescore 3)

• Apr 23, 2019 - 15:20

It happens with 6 or more instruments, adding notes or moving between notes creates a click sound which is really annoying when composing for an ensemble. It does not happen when the whole piece is playing from the start, only when inputting notes.


Try it: open the Synthesizer, move slightly the volume slider, save in the score or by default.
Check to see if anything's changed.

Maybe it needs some more information: Which sound font you're using? Which instruments are affected? Which Operating System? Did you check a revert to factory settings, if it solves the problem? Could you attache a score and describe precise steps to reproduce? Do you also notice it with the 3.1beta (

Questions upon questions...;-)

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Everything is in default, I'm using a mac, all the instruments are affected but it only happens when i get more than 5-6 instruments, doesn't matter what instrument it is. The way to reproduce it is to just add instruments one by one and type in notes. I checked if working on a new file will solve the problem but it doesn't. Reverting to factory settings wasn't a help either, cause there was nothing to revert to anyway. I also haven't tried the beta but i'm too scared to as I have to compose music for an assignment due in 10 days and I really don't wanna mess around with MORE bugs during this task.

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