Entering percussion notes other than quarter notes

• Apr 25, 2019 - 03:09

I'm trying to enter parts into a snare drum (one-line) staff. Unfortunately, what I'm experiencing is vastly different from the documentation (https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/drum-notation). I'm using MuseScore 2.3.2 on Linux.

According to the documentation, the proper way to enter percussion is to enter note edit mode, set the duration, then type the key for the note type (A in this case). However, this isn't working for me.

When I enter note edit mode (whether step-time or rhythm mode), if I want a quarter note, I can hit A and get it. If I try to change the duration, though, MuseScore automatically inserts a note of the selected duration the instant I select it (via keyboard or mouse). The effect is the same as if I were using the rhythm input mode for a normal instrument. I must emphasize, however, that what I'm seeing in percussion is the same REGARDLESS of mode. Worse, any notes that I enter other than quarter notes (rhythm input style) play a whistle sound. Since this is a one-line snare drum staff, there's no reason why I should ever hear a sound other than a snare drum.

What's wrong? Is the documentation buggy? MuseScore categorically does NOT work as described in the documentation, and I'm flying blind here.


I think your mistake is about the kind of staff you are using to percussion. If it was a percussion staff, you are not hearing a whistle.

When we select a percussion staff and we try to input a note, we can see the percussion palette line at the low side of the screen, with a lot of staves with some note on each one, which represents the different percussion instruments we can to use.

If you don't see that percussion palette... You are in the wrong kind of staff!!!

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If a particular documentation entry is specific to a version of MuseScore, it should say so. There's no indication in the link that I posted that it's not for my version. Especially since version 3 must have just been released, judging by the copyright date on my version and the fact that I haven't been upgraded yet.

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MuseScore 3.0 got released on Christmas eve, so just over 4 months ago. Followed by 3.0.1, 3.0.2, 3.0.4, 3.0.5 and just 2 weeks ago 3.1 Beta.
The (default) handbook (meanwhile) is for MuseScore 3, and does mention that on its first page, and includes a link to the MuseScore 2 handbook (unfortunatly the MuseScore 1 handbook has mostly vanished).

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As mentioned, the documentation does say what version it is for. The default assumption is that people will be using the current version, you appear to be using an older one. So do make sure you either get the appropriate version of the documentation, or better, just update. But that's not really relevant, nothing of consequence has changed about how note input works.

Sure sounds like you are in rhythm mode, then what you describe would be normal. between that and the whistle, it seems something is very wrong with your score, if you attach it we can understand and assist better. or just start over with a new score.

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The score is brand new. I experienced the issues on a score I created new. I'm attaching it in its current form (which required much trickery to get the parts right, and then extensive use of copy and paste. As it is, it's marginally useful, but the sounds are still wrong. It doesn't appear possible to use a conga-like sound without having a two-line conga staff, for example. And it doesn't appear to have a sound like a shaker, even though I'm pretty sure there's something at least approximately right in MIDI.

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It's perfectly possible to get a conga sound on any percussion staff, you just need to make sure a note is defined for as explained in the Handbook under drum notation, in the section on editing drumsets. Same with shaker.

Anyhow, you mentioned a problem entering durations, but I tried it and it worked fine. Can you explain the actual problem you are having, step by step?

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