Enharmonics surrounding modulations and key changes

• Apr 26, 2019 - 10:39

I worte this score on Musescore 2. something and there are some very strange passages which have flats in the left hand and sharps in the right I suppose I should change key but it shouldn't be required to change key with passing modulations - it just make things bvery difficult for playing back.
when i change them to the proper accidentals tand then go respell pitches it puts them back again.
Also see this excerpt of strange musescore scoring of accidentals.
I have no patience with it having to go back and change all the accidentals i don't know if it's something I;m doning or the program itself.
Is anyone else having these problems.
Same thing happens in Musescore 3 when I respell the original scores.

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Respell pitches is a set of rules based upon the context of each note and in my opinion should be identified as experimental. If you don't like the results, then undo it and find a different method. If your goal is to have all sharps on the notes, then select the region of music and press the down arrow followed by the up arrow. This will force MuseScore to prefer sharps in all accidentals. To make it prefer flats, use the up arrow followed by the down arrow. This didn't take 5 seconds.

Chord and key change mystery..mscz

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