How to install an older version of Musescore?

• Nov 3, 2018 - 16:27

I prefer the Musescore 2.1 more than other versions. How do I re-install it? I have the 2.1 version setup but it doesn't allow me to run it.


There should be no reason to prefer 2.1, which has hundreds more bugs and fewer features, over the current version. It's possible you might happen to prefer some of the sounds from the soundfont that was the default in 2.1, but you can install that without taking the disastrous step of re-introducing the hundreds of bugs fixed since then - just click Download / Soundfonts above and download and install the older soundfont (or any other you find you prefer even more).

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I now have anthemscore 4.5.0 a transcribe software that automatically uploaded there pdf file to musescore 2.1 I can not get that to work in the latest version. I've been a member of musescore for years I just downloaded anthemscore. I saw a video on youtube showed that it recognized right away the pdf showed that quick. Or otherwise I got to re notate the whole piece. That is the only reason why like to try it to see if it works.

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