Feature request: Remove articulations, ornaments, etc.

• May 26, 2019 - 23:58

Would it be possible to create a tool where you could select a measure and remove all articulations, ornaments, dynamics, etc. from said measure?


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Well, since you are not being specific I'll give you a couple of general options.

  1. Select the notes where you want to toggle the articulation and press its shortcut (shift+s for staccato or shift+0 for marcato) - Possible problem, if some notes in a range have these items and some don't all selected notes are toggled.

  2. Select a range if applicable, right click an item and choose select>more... from the menu list. When the box pops up, check the box that identifies the proper item and the one that says In selection if applicable. After you click OK, these items will be selected and you can press Delete to get rid of it.

There are other options for other situations, but this should cover the two most common. If these don't work, be more specific with what you are trying to do and I'll let you know the easiest way.

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Starting in version 3.1 this will be easier. Open the filter selector (F6) and remove the checks from anything you want to get rid of. Copy the selection (the unchecked items will remain black) and paste it back in the same spot and all unchecked items in the filter selector will be gone.

3.1 will be out in the next day or 2.

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