How can I open files from MS 3 when I am using MS 2.

• May 29, 2019 - 22:46

Hi all, I am using MS 2 because my mac don't support version 3. I convert PDF to MuseScore file and I receive a message that I can't open it because I am using a old version.
Someone can help me with a way to open files from news version on old version or open files from Sibelius on MuseScore.

Thank you.


Open Sibelius files by exporting them in Sibelius as musicxml (preferably via the Dolet plugin). You results will be significantly better than going through an experimental PDF-to-score tool.

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Hi Jeetee, Tks. I am trying to do it from Sibelius but there is no option. Maybe, because, I am using Sibelius first. (inside manual of Sibelius First page 101 there is a topic "Exporting MusicXML files" but it doesn't work, I can found the link on Sibelius. I dowloaded Dolet Plugin, but there aren't a version to Sibelius First. I have some Score on Sibelius and other in MuseScore, but my University friends are just using Musescore and I need to convert all scores to MuseScore.

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If you are using Sibelius 7.x, the dolet plugin is not necessary. Any MuseScore version 2.2 or later understands the .musicxml type and all 2.x or later versions know what to do with .mxl or .xml files (from older versions of music programs). All you have to do is open the exported file in MuseScore and it will convert it to MuseScore format for the version you open it with.

I missed the fact that you were trying to import Sibelius files previously, I was fixated on helping you to upgrade to 3.1, which I highly recommend for all new projects.

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