Why does my Playback never work as intended from specific points in the music??

• Jan 2, 2014 - 20:49

Does anybody know what's wrong with my playback?

Obviously, I don't want to play the music from the start each time. When ever I select a note or bar(which I now press on about a million times before playing back), it always jumps to another part in the score. Usually every second time is accurate, which is weird. Also another fun thing it does is play back from a similar point in the score, but not the one intended, ie. 2nd verse of song when I want 1st verse.

Is this just something I'm doing wrong or what?



The workaround is to turn off playback of repeats - the icon in the main toolbar that looks like a repeat sign. It's also possible to get it to playback correctly by clicking things in just the right order, but I've never quite worked out what that is. I just leave repeat playback off while I'm editing my score, only turning it on - if at all - when I'm all done and maybe wanting to save it as a WAV.

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