Lyrics: frame, border and highlight styling regressions and strange behaviours

• Jun 18, 2019 - 10:50

Since Musescore 3, concerning lyrics, there are some regressions on the frame styling features.

Steps to reproduce :
- From a new created partition, open the Style window
- on the "Lyrics Even Lines", add a square frame with a background color (highlight)
- Close and reopen the file
- The styling is now on the "Lyrics Odd Lines", not anymore on the Even Lines.
- Also it's now not possible to modify the background color of the Highlight option.

Musescore 3.1.0, checked on Mac and Windows.

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Also, probably not related, the squared frames looks a little bit weird since they don't have systematically the same height. The height now depend directly from the characters inside : it can be different if there is chars like b or p.

On Musescore 2, all the boxes had systematically the same height. Making the rendering more consistent.
Should it be another issue on the issue tracker?

The problem with the highlighting is that the alpha is set at 0. Increasing it "darkens" the highlighting from nothing to the color you choose. This is true of all text highlighting. I discovered this the other day and I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, though I do consider it a bad decision. Perhaps an alpha around 127 (half of the max 255) should be the default.

Lyric Style
modification for odd and even lines properties operational, but when the style is saved, it appears that the even line frame properties are copied to the odd line frame properties, (seen if you reload the style after saving).

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