MuseScore playback of large orchestral scores presents artifacts

• Jun 22, 2019 - 06:28

Playback of large orchestral scores (such as those attached) after a while starts to present artifacts.
I suspect the number of notes per unit time has something to do here. I'm aware that the computer being used may also impose some limitations, but I'm using an i7 laptop with 6 GB RAM.
I would like to know where is the problem, if other contributors have experienced this behavior and if there is a possible solution or workaround

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I had this problem as well. Another poster suggested to change the soundfont. I'm assuming you're using MuseScore 3.1 . I reverted to the soundfont used in version 2.3.2 which has the same filename as the one in 3.1 . The latest soundfont needs to be fixed.

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This doesn't seem a definitive solution, since the HQ soundfont is, with a few exceptions, better, and it can be forecasted that it will improve with successive versions, let alone the possibility of upgrade with a soundfonf compiled by somebody else.
I don't thik the soundfont is the culprit, but its size (which is unavoidable if one wants quality).
I didn't test it, but probably exporting as wav would be more satisfactory. Real-time seems to impose some sort of bottle neck. If somebody could confirm this, then it would be interesting to see if it is possible to improve the playback engine, and as a workaroundone could indeed use a smaller soundfont and leave the rendering as the final step (since export is slow)

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