Continuous Crashing Out of Nowhere

• Jun 28, 2019 - 19:55

This recently started happening to me yesterday, which I've never seen happen before. No matter what score or backup versions of scores I attempt to work on, it crashes doing seemingly everything. From saving, to playback, to working on the staff, it will crash doing it all. I don't know if it is something with my system, but it seemed to start happening after my Windows 10 update. Ill attach a link to a score that I noticed the problem first occurring to see if there's anything wrong there, but every version of it I've created has had the same issue.
I thought it may have something to do with the large score size, but I worked on a very large score of the same caliber on Musescore 3 prior to this and had no issues there.
I have also updated Musescore today and that didn't fix it.

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Chrono Trigger Medley (MINE) .mscz 505.48 KB


this is the same score as

right? Crashed for me too, also seemingly out of the blue, but my guess is that the crash happend on autosave, by default after 2 minutes.
So a workaround should be to disable autosave, Edit > Preferences > General

A further guess is that one of the parts is corrupt, so deleting them (maybe one by one, to find the culprit) and regenerating might fix this.

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No, File > Parts

I just deleted all parts and generated all afresh and dob't get crashes anymore. So my guess was pretty good ;-)
I'm too lazy though to do this one-by-one to find the culprit part...
And unless you did major work on formatting the parts, that additional work is not really justified.

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The corruption is in the Soprano part (around measure 63 - disable the multimeasure rests in this part to observe this). Deleting and recreating only this part should suffice. But need more checking to be sure (your score has many instruments). Probably due to this issue #290546: Copy-paste a part with mm rests on another part/mm rests leads to corruption/crash
And to avoid it in the future:

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