Latest update ( strange behaviour

• Jul 18, 2019 - 00:24

Hi everyone.
I have the impression the latest version of MS (see title) acts a little weird.
This is how it opens up, all squashed up:

It seems to act weird in other ways too:
I had to go looking for my left-hand panel and pin it back into place, panels, inspector et al, seem to act weird generally.
However, it would be a great help if someone could tell me how to make it open up at normal size.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards.


On Windows programs reopen in the same size as they were when they closed properly last. Maximize the window (click the square in the top right corner) or resize it if you just want a bigger window.

BTW, which version did you upgrade from?

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From the plugin page: "This plugin can't alter the size and position of the MainWindow, as they are overwritten by MuseScore when it quits."
But all other dialogs should've been reset.

Does just dragging the window by its corner to a new size work? And then restarting?

FWIW, it's long been the case that if you close MuseScore "fullscreen", this isn't remembered, and it starts up the last "real" size. So it's useful to make the window a reasonable size, then make it full screen if still desired. Now the next time you start up it up, it will at least be that reasonable size. It seems at one time a possible solution to this was found but it didn't seem to actually work?

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If you right click the shortcut and choose properties the Run: field gives you the option of running it in a normal window (the programs default) minimized or maximized.

On windows 10, the shortcut on the taskbar requires me to right click the icon, right click MuseScore 3 and then left click Properties to get to this window.

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You may have never deliberately dragged it to that size, but Windows often does things like this automatically when, for instance, you drag a window to the edge of the screen - it is trying to create a tiled arrangement for you. There are also keyboard shortcuts that can trigger this. Any time it happens, you do indeed need to drag the window to a larger size if you want the changes saved, at least with MuseScore on Windows.

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