Update docs to explain how to add custom bass clef key signature

• Jul 27, 2019 - 17:42

When following the instructions in the docs: https://musescore.org/en/handbook/key-signatures#custom-key-signatures to create a new key signature in the treble clef and then dragging it onto my score I see it doesn't put the correct flats automatically in the bass clef signature. Nor can I see any way in the app or docs for how to make a custom bass key signature. (See the attached screen capture).

Please will you update the app or docs to explain how to do this.

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No, the dialog only shows a treble clef, but gives a damn. So if you'd pretend it were a bass clef, you can create a custom key sig for that. But that also means that for e.g. a piano staff, you need 2 custom key sigs, one for each staff and need to apply than as a local key sig, i.e. with holding Ctrl while applying it.
those are pure graphical things, no playback, and only for the 0.05% of the MuseScore users needing this...

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