Where are TAB parameters kept?

• Aug 11, 2019 - 03:17

I need to adjust the way note stems are drawn in TAB staves. All I get are partial stems below the staff that do not attach to any fret numbers. Every example I can find in the Forum that shows TAB has stems connecting to the fret numbers. Nowhere do I find any reference to TAB parameters, but there must be some. . . Where are they? The online manual has almost no information about TAB display; that's a problem.

I'm attaching a snippet of TAB showing the lacking note stems. Thanks for any help you can give me. . .

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Easiest way to change the basic look of tab staves is Edit / Instruments, change between Simple, Common, and Full styles. Sounds like you may prefer the "Full" style rather than the current "Common" style. But for more fine-grained control of individual options, right-click the staff, Staff Properties, then Advanced Style Properties.

There's actually quite a bit of info about this in the online Handbook, see https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/tablature and https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/staff-part-properties

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This was conceived in this way when @Miwarre set up the tablatures for version 2, and in particular for this "Full" style ie stems through the staff, rests and half notes "As none" or "Slashed Stem" (not a good idea, which creates confusion with the tremolos, there is a lot of feedback with that)
You should ask him why (for reasons of readability, or to avoid further possible confusion?), but since he stopped programming for MuseScore a few years ago, I doubt - but I hope I'm wrong - that we have a more elaborate answer.

Edit: Of course, this may be a Suggestion for the Issue Tracker, but IMHO, the "issue" of the "as Slashed Stem" is at least as important, if not more.
Probably this could be a more comprehensive solution. But this should be discussed at length in a forum. And what if a consensus were to emerge, who would then implement it? 🙄

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in my opinion the real full tablature should have circles round the numbers for half and whole notes(with or without normal stems) so that everything is as close as possible to normal notation.
But if there is no one to program tablature the discussion seems to make no sense

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in germany some times ago there where some books published with that kind of tabs. I think at first most of them where like this before they changed to the more or less international standard.

Thank you responders! I now find some controls on the way the note stems are rendered in tablature. It would be a good thing if searches like "tab note stems" or "tab parameters" or "tab options" found a reference to "Stem Style: Through Staff" on the "Staff/Part Properties > Advanced Style Properties > Note Values" page.

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