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• Feb 6, 2017 - 00:00


Is it possible to change or select various notation options for tabulature?
I wish to have a half note in my notation, but instead of the "usual" (I have never seen anything but these) circles around tab-number (with attached stave), I get a stave with 2 tilted lines through. (It looks more like the notation you use for tremolo picking 16th notes)

Anyone please?


All of the tab options are in the staff properties dialog. Right click the tab staff and select staff properties. There is an advanced style properties in the middle on the right. There are all kinds of options with previews included.

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I haven't seen that before, but I don't play guitar. I've seen the other options in the advanced properties. I don't see a way to make fret numbers get circled so I can't find a way to do this. Perhaps someone else will. Keep an eye open.

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Concerning Guitar Pro, it is a style option allowing to display circles around certain notes in the Tablature. Certain notes? Exactly and only for half notes and whole notes.
Little used in my opinion.
And really, on the scale of priorities, if there was a improvement to bring, it would be to modify how showing the half notes in the Tab style "Full". Presently, this display appears as unexpected and creates confusion (this has been verified several times on these forums) with that of the tremolos.

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@cadiz1: I am new to the forum, so I might bring something up that have been disussed before. Sorry for that.
Regarding the use of those pesky circles:
To me, circles around half notes and whole notes in tab, is something I have seen and used since the late 80s. Pretty common to me.
Bottom line:
If the feature is not present in musescore - then, there it is.
If it was, I would have been happy, and with the help of you, found the option.
It isn't, so I have to work around it some other way.

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