repeats en Dal Segno etc

• Aug 15, 2019 - 15:35


I have made a test version of SEBBEN CRUDELE (I cut some pieces from it so shorten it for play-hear-test).
tempo is extra hight for play-hear-test only.

Play sequense should be:
red, blue, blue, green (goto segno) red,blue,blue, orange

I struggle with blue part, it should be repeat (2x). ...... or... are there other mistakes?!
Any suggestions?

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_AntonioCaldara_SebbenCrudeleTEST.mscz 33.4 KB


Select the D.S. al Coda text and open the inspector (F8) and check "Play repeats" and the blue will play repeats after the D.S. Your voltas should only be 1 and 2 since they only repeat one time when encountered, the 3 & 4 will be ignored but will make a human think he's supposed to repeat 4 times.

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