Audio Issues

• Aug 27, 2019 - 04:08

I just started having this problem today. My score seems to stutter and bug out and slow down during playback. I've reset all MIDI and audio devices, closed and reopened MuseScore, turned off and back on my laptop, with all to no avail. Someone please help me.


Is the score large (many staves per system, many pages, many notes per staff)?
Are you using the HQ soundfont?
These are common causes of audio glitches, especially with low memory (or rather, not huge memory)
If the problem is HQ, try using the normal soundfont, which uses less memory. This may solve the issue.
You can also split your score into shorter fragments and join them back when the score is complete.
If you just need to listen to a decent version, try exporting to MP3, this works fine and will produce an audio file without any glitches (but it may take longer to generate).

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