Text Frame will not accept items in Special Characters

• Sep 2, 2019 - 20:13

Windows 10, MS 3.2.3, U.S. Qwerty keyboard
In attempting to add stage directions in Cyrillic to the attached, I found that Special Characters are not accepted.
1) Add a Text Frame near top of the first page of the attached.
2) As a control, type a few characters to the Text Frame from the computer keyboard to confirm normal character entry.
3) Press F2 to open Special Characters. Double-clicking the characters does not result in them appearing the Text Frame.
4) As an additional data point, System Text and Staff Text allow for use of the Special Characters with no issues.
One would expect that, since the Special Characters window can be accessed, the Text Frame would allow them to be used.

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Confirmed. Odd this has not been noticed before that I recall. Only affects text frames, not vertical frames. And it does work to copy and paste special characters from elsewhere.

Can you submit an official bug report to the issue tracker?

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