Is there a music sign for hitting the Violin's body?

• Sep 9, 2019 - 12:32

I'm just asking if there's any music sign that tells the Violinist to tap their violin...

The arrangement that I'm planning to make sounds more bizarre than this.


I've never seen a standardized sign. Composers/publishers use a sign of their choosing and explain it either in the preface to the score and/or at its first use. This is far less common than knocking on a double bass, but this is the same thing they do for the double bass.

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I sometimes use an altered note head with instructions via Staff Text to indicate an effect applied to a note. I think I do it most often for spoken lyrics interjected into a musical line, but the principle is the same. For playback purposes, I employ a hidden instrument (or channel) change for the affected notes.

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