Empty Palettes in 3.3.0-beta

• Sep 9, 2019 - 19:30

OS: Fedora 29 64-bit, Musescore-3.3.0 beta.AppImage
The Palette Tool is broken, i.e. there is no graphic symbols, no clefs, key signiture, nothing. Also, I can't add any item to the Palette, because when I click on "More" new symbols appears and after fraction of second suddenly disappears.
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I don't know how AppImages work with respect to already-installed libraries, but the new palettes use QML via, I think, QtQuick. Perhaps there is a mismatch of QtQuick libraries between what MuseScore needs and what is already installed on your system. I think the AppImage mechanism is intended to protect against that, but maybe something went wrong. I'm out of my element here, really just kind of guessing.

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