Missing libraries when compiling in Visual Studio

• Sep 11, 2019 - 04:17

I'm trying to compile MuseScore following the guide listed on the website. When I try to debug and start a new instance of 'mscore' I get three error messages saying that I'm missing Libsndfile-1.dll, portaudio.dll, and libvorbisfile.dll, but strangely no other libraries. I've tried building removing / replacing the dependencies folder from the "MuseScore" folder, and rebuilding 'INSTALL' to no avail.

is my dependencies folder in the wrong place?

I've attached screenshots of the error message and the location of my dependencies folder.

I'm running x64 windows 10 v1903,

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You need that dependencies folder and its content and you have it in the right place, can't judge its content though.
From where do you run MuseScore 3.exe, I hope from msvc.install_x64 and not from msvc.build_x64?

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The folder is just the dependencies.7z extracted from the website. I don't get the error when I open the exe file in msvc.install_x64, only when debugging through visual studio. When I debug in Visual Studio I have mscore in msvc.build_x64 set as the startup project.

I suppose I should back up a little, I'm building musescore because I'm cannot get musescore 3 to show up as a readable output client within JACK. Marc Sabatella said he had some luck doing so over here: https://musescore.org/en/comment/943882#comment-943882

With the build in msvc.install_x64 I'm still having no luck seeing it in JACK.

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