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• Apr 27, 2009 - 02:07

How can I get the staccato dot placed above a series of chords? I have Windows XP and use MuseScore version 0.9.4. Thanks.


In a two-voice measure with the voices in thirds, the staccato (or accent) mark for the upper voice overlays the lower note head and the mark for the lower voice overlays the upper note head rendering them invisible. Is there a way to "flip" the position of such articulation marks?

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Thanks, Robert, but my issue is that the marks are not visible under the conditions I stated above. David suggested dragging the marks to a visible location, but it's difficult (impossible?) to select the mark if it is superimposed on a (different) note head.

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This is similar to a feature request I made earlier here: but it hasn't been answered by anyone yet. The only way I've found of doing this is to select the note head with a double-click, use the arrow keys to get it out of the way, then the dot can be selected and moved. Then just move the note head back into place. With practice, a score with a few hundred of these shouldn't take more than several hours to edit, no need for a shorter method (sarcasm)

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but this doesn't work for me. I wanna add staccatos to these chords (C/G, F). Not the notes under them. I tried both dragging the staccato symbol onto the chords, as well as just clicking the chords then the staccato dot. Untitled.png

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Indeed, staccato dots on chord symbols like C/G are not a thing - published music doesn't use that/ If the goal is to say, the chord is played on beat one followed by silence, the way one normally does this is by adding the special chord symbol "N.C." (for "no chord") on the next beat.

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If you want to change the "rythm, the duration of a chord, you must note it, so you need to add notes with slashes under your chord-letter, with , if you want, a quater note or an eight note, with or without staccato . For your stave it needs another voice for that and use the "mini format

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