"Transpose" not working like "Add Interval"?

• Oct 14, 2019 - 06:47

I have violin 1 and 2 parts (I created 2 staves thanks to helpful forum replies), and would like to just quickly copy my melody (vln1) over onto the harmony staff (vln2), then just transpose everything down a third so that I can begin making the edits on that, rather than rewriting the whole thing from scratch.

My question is this: When I select the whole line and use the Add > Interval > Third Below, it correctly creates what I want... however, it creates it onto the same staff, and I'm not interested in creating Kriesler variation of the piece.

So then I tried just copy pasting it over, which worked fine, but when I went to the Transpose option, none of the 4 options worked (dim, min, maj, aug). I made sure to uncheck "transpose key", but I'm not sure why none of these work like the add interval above did... Since I only trained in violin performance and not theory (sadly), I may be missing something elementary, so I would appreciate a technical answer on what you would recommend, and perhaps even a theoretical answer so that I can broaden my musical knowledge.

Thank you kindly in advance!


Or an alternative way to get the end result you're looking for is to use Add → Interval → 3rd below, then select that range and use Tools → Explode

I find it faster to skip the transpose dialog and just use Alt+Shift+Up/Down to transpose a selection diatonically a step at a time. Two clicks (that shortcut twice) instead of however many to bring up and work through that dialog.

I agree Jeetee's method is best. To clarify, add the interval to violin I, when you explode all of the lower notes will be moved to violin II as long as you have the standard violin I followed by II with no instruments in between.

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