How to change the sound of the playback or insert different clefs

• Oct 14, 2019 - 20:06

I'm trying to transcribe some mensuralist Gregorian Chant in musescore, but I can't place the clefs in the lines I want or change the playback to transpose diatonically.
Is there a workaround I'm not getting?


Clefs don't have anything to do with playback, and neither of those have anything to do with diatonic transposition, so it isn't clear what you asking. You might want to attach your score and explain in more detail. But, clefs can be added from the clefs palette - it will keep the existing pitches but change the clefs used to display them. To change the sound of a playback for a given staff, that depends on whether you literally want a different instrument to play the part, or just a different sound for computer playback. The former is right-click the staff, Staff Properties, Change Instrument; the latter is View / Mixer. Diatonic transpostion can be achieved by selecting the notes you want to transpose ()Ctrl+A for the whole score) and either using Alt+Shfit+Up/Down to transpose a step at a step, or use Notes / Transpose and choose one of the diatonic options.

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Gregorian Chant uses five different clefs, and there are one that's not available in Musescore. More specifically I need F on second line, so I was wondering if it is possible to "emulate" it on playback.

But now I encountered another problem: the playback has gone crazy.

Look at this, I attached the .mscz. The clef was supposed to be C on the 3rd line. Everything looks okayish, just needing some formatation and I still didn't change the graphic of the clef, but the playback sounds completely crazy. Below there's the square notes with rhythmic neums. The pitches should sound a little like this (not the rhythm, but that's another story):
0008 Xerg.png

I didn't change anything apart the number of lines and distance between them.

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This isn't my specialty, so I'm having trouble understanding the context fully. At one point I hear you saying you want an F clef on staff line 2, which suggests the bottom line should be a D. But is that with a four or five line staff? At another point I hear you saying you want a C clef on line 3, but only four lines.

The clefs are placed relative to the bottom line, but the lines removed if you specify fewer than 5 are taken off the top - I think this is what is getting you. So the clef is displayed by default a line off of where you want it. You probably should experiment with the "staff type change" element ("S" icon) on the text palette. This allows you to specify offsets. You could also simply find a clef that does what you want and enter notes relative to that - eg, using tenor clef in this example, if I am understanding correctly.

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