Moving page by page during playback

• Oct 20, 2019 - 15:18

Hello. I have a score with two bars per page. During playback with "Pan score automatically" turned on, the view is only repanned at the second bar instead of the first, on most pages.
How do I fix this? I can maybe fix it by zooming in or out, but I want all the instruments to fit on the screen.
It would be nice if there was simply a "page by page" option, but I can't find it (I've looked in the Page Settings, View and Style sections).


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Thanks, but it shows too much at once then. I did find, right next to that, an option to set the view from "Page View" to "Continuous View" or "Single Page". I think I will use one of those. I still can't find these in the View menu though, only in the File Operations toolbar, which I find a bit strange.

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