how do i make one stave contain two parts

• Oct 30, 2019 - 20:48

how do i keep 2 instruments on the same stave in the conductor's score but have them seperate when i look at the parts? when i was updating from musescore 2 to 3 it said that you can now do this. how? is this what the "new all" button is for?


To do this you must put the instruments in their own voices on the staff. See if needed. When you create parts, you can use New All (now called Generate as of 3.2.something) but this will only make the process a little easier.

If the part is created with New all, then when you select the part in the bottom right window and click the triangle to the left, you will see all of the voices checked. Since you have put Instrument 1 in voice 1 and instrument 2 in voice 2, you need to decide which instrument you want this to be, fix that instruments name and check the correct voice only. You will then need to use New to create another instrument, change the Part Title, click the instrument in the bottom left, click +, then select the appropriate voice. You can then use the arrow buttons to the left of the parts list to move the instrument up to where it belongs.

You always have the New button and can follow that process for each of the parts or for all parts rather than the second part only.

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