Making "Reunion" the official musescore theme

• Dec 3, 2019 - 00:26

Since Reunion composed by Marc Sabatella has gain some popularity as one of the MuseScore sample scores, it might be great if it can be arranged to a short clip and added to the splash screen as a theme music (Just like Sibelius)...


To me, this was one of the things I dislike about Sibelius.
No way to control the volume of that playback (afaik) so it always blasted too loud for my taste. And launching the program is slow enough already, no need to further delay it with a tune telling me it launched the program I just asked to be loaded.

Thanks for the thought! I share @jeetee's concern, though, I always find the Sibelius startup music to be annoying and would hate to inflict my music on anyone that way.

FWIW, Reunion was at one time the default score that opened instead of the blank one you see now. It was created for MuseScore 1.2 and was used for that and 1.3 before being replaced by the empty score. The diea was to have a one-page score that showed off much of what can be done in MuseScore. It still works pretty well for that purpose, although of course it doesn't tell you how to do any of those things. So for MuseScore 2, a new "Getting Started" score was created - not to be a song anyone might want to listen to, but just to be a tutorial.

Personally, I think there is value in all of these things - a blank page you can starting playing with right away (although too many people never realize it's better to start with File / New for any real work), a tutorial score (now partially supplanted by the "Tours" that optionally display as needed), and a piece of music to serve more as some sort of inspiration. I could imagine the startup wizard asking if you want to see a tutorial score and/or a demo score and loading them the first time you start (and tell you how to find them next time also). But proud as I am of Reunion - for a piece I whipped out in an evening as a demo to show off MuseScore's freatures, people really respond to it musically as well - maybe someone else should get a shot at the next one...

BTW, for people who don't know the piece, here it is on

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Sorry for the delay, but I'm truly flattered that you replied :)
Maybe there could be a option to turn off the startup music but it would be a very meaningful easter egg, especially to the old users who are familiar with the piece. It's like back to the old days where this score is the default page, but only appear as audio...

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I'm flattered you like my composition so much :-) For the record, I certainly would be fine with it, but I'm not advocating it either. To me, though, there are two separate questions: should we have startup music, and what should it be if so. I would suggest that whatever it is, maybe it should be an orchestral piece (which could mean an orchestral arrangement of Reunion of course).

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Talking about orchestral arrangement, I recall Mussorgsky's Promenade had been used as startup score before Reunion, so if it's Promenade then we can simply have Ravel's orchestration (in this case, the trumpet solo at the start which can really frighten every user!).

Nuh, I'm kidding. Don't do this.

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