Musescore 3.3.4 Release

• Dec 4, 2019 - 18:58

Today we are pleased to announce a patch update, Musescore 3.3.4. It addresses a dozen of issues, crashes and the regressions related to how Windows 7 works with new palettes.

Read more about new features and improvements in a big announcement of Musescore 3.3 release

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MuseScore 3.3 announcement

Release notes


  • Palette names were scrambled and nearly impossible to read (Windows 7)
  • Scale of palette was incorrect for high and low DPI displays
  • Courtesy accidentals disappeared after an octave change using Ctrl(Cmd)+Up/Down
  • Crash reports could not be sent

A full list of changes is available here.


And again "Musescore" - grmpf (is it the right term also in English? ;). But above all thanks for the update and fixes (and I notice and really appreciate the variation of the clip-arts of the shown composers).

Thank you very much for the update, I was having serious issues with crashing and not being able to initialize the program in Windows 7. It is being way more stable and, until now, no more problems with crashing, UNTIL... I just tried to change the language interface from English to European Portuguese, and I had a crash the day before yesterday and am no more being able to open the software.

Just before this language change that apparently triggered the crash (it happened just after clicking ok in the settings window) I had made some edition that I guess might have created some error in the file. It was in 4/4 measure, and I just copied some four or five measures, and pasted them two times earlier (that is, the first and second beat of measure one became the two beats of pick-up measure, and so all the way through the following measures).

In my experience, whenever there was any kind of errors and the times, beatings and measures didn't fit well for any reason, MuseScore had a lot of trouble in opening again. When opening (after trying many times, by several ways), I would see a message of error in the file, and something in the rhythm was not fitting or adding up. Only after freshly rewriting the problematic section, the file would no more create problems or crashing.

I wonder whether this is the case again, but I am not being able to open MuseScore and to see whether there is some error in the file or not. After clicking on MuseScore shortcut, the Task Manager display the MuseScore process, but it disappears after a few seconds. If I try to give higher priority to MuseScore process, there appears a message saying that is not allowed and the process disappears again. Sometimes I had success serially clicking on MuseScore shortcut, and getting four or five MuseScore processes on the Task Manager, until one of them would open, but that is not working anymore.

I think that once it opens back again, if there is any error in a file, it may be managed and everything else runs smoothly. How can I convince Windows 7 to let MuseScore open again?

Thank you for any feedback.

PS: I even uninstalled and installed MuseScore 3.4 fresh again, in the latest version, with no results.

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Thank you very much, Jojo, for your answer. I just reverted to factory settings, as described in the link, but it was all the same: I opened the Task Manager, and the MuseScore process would appear through no more than four seconds, and disappear (exactly as before).

My impression is that MuseScore can't open because it tries to restart the crashed session, and reopen a file with an error that creates the crash. Then, it doesn't open at all.

Is there any file where I could set MuseScore to DO NOT restart the last work session? Maybe that would allow it to at least opening.

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Thank you, Jojo. I actually didn't start it via double click, I clicked on the MuseScore shortcut with the right side of the mouse and asked to open as administrator.

Actually I just found another way to start it. I have clicked on the properties of the MuseScore shortcut, went to the compatibility fold and set MuseScore to work in compatibility mode with Windows Vista. It opened immediately.

For now, the only shortcoming I saw was the size of the interface fonts, too small. I have Windows 7 configured to work with somewhat bigger fonts, to help readability. This is a minor shortcoming, all the more because I can configure the fonts in MuseScore Preference settings. Everything else, so far, is working finely.

Are you aware whether working in compatibility mode for Windows Vista would have any other shortcoming? Otherwise, the problem seems just solved.

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