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• Jan 4, 2020 - 12:01

How do I change instument in the middle of editing the score?
I started with piano and then changed my mind and wanted to replace piano by flute
thank you


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Much easier way is click right on a measure, "staff properties" and change instrument. Good luck with the bass notes. Keep in mind that piano and flute are both, and alone "magic articulation" -- all un-slurred notes are 95% of their full value on both, even if you change the instrument, but between these two, there is no change.

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sorry for the ambiguity. Will try to explain. I started writing a score without choosing an instrument. The default is piano. While editing I wanted to change instrument to flute for the whole score.
selecting instrument for a part using staff properties does it since part can be the whole score
hope now it is clear
thank you

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OK I was wrong, you want to change for the whole stave your first choice . Now you speak for the whole score because you have severals differents staves, differents instruments . If your score is already existing, you must change every stave you want to change in the same way, with stave properties, you can do that without leaving the window of "staff propierties", you have , at the bottom on left, 2 arrows , so you move to the others staves you want.

The other solution is to enter all the instruments you want in using INSTRUMENTS in EDIT, you enter "under" your score all the "new" instruments, and after you have just to copy and paste, each stave you want and simply delete the initial when it's done.

The best way, of course, is to open a new work by choising a template MS gives , and delete what is no useful for you, adding what you want more, and , after only, enter the music.

I wish you understand my English......

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I have single stave and single instrument. I started it quickly without paying attention to instrument and it turned out to be piano, As I noticed the instrument I wanted to change it to flute before I finished editing.
As simple as that. The problem is solved.
I suggested clumsy solution (adding an instrument, copying the score, and deleting former instrument)
but a more elegant solution suggested by someone was right-click + staff properties
Your English is perfect, my English is not my first language hence often find that I I'm misunderstood
thank you

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only vocabulary problem . The word "SCORE" means a sheet music with severals staves, severals instruments, like a big band or a concert band, the SCORE is the sheet music for the Chief, so he can see what all musiciens are playing. After the score is ended, we create PARTS, one for each player, ex: clarinett 1, clari 2, clari 3, flute 1, 2,.....etc

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For a score with one flute, you'd have just one part/instrument, that flute (and generating parts from thst score won't make any sense)
For a score with 2 flutes, you may have one part/instrument with 2 voices, or 2 parts/instruments, one for each flute. In either case, it may make sense to generate parts so both players get only their notes, reduces the number of pages on their note stand

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