two questions: easy and difficult

• Jan 6, 2020 - 08:42

1) Easy: How do I remove the dot from a dotted note? couldn't find a solution except the clumsy one- delete the measure and write again without the dot
2) This is tough: Is there a way to "accelerate" the score i.e. replacing every quaver by semi quaver, every crotchet by quaver etc.
after I wrote the score and played it, seemd too slow
thank you


For the dot, tape the new lenght, ex you have a dotted quater note, you want a simple quater note, clic on it , tape 5.
For the speed, how is your tempo, and if it's too high for it (+ de 150) I think in Musescore 3 there is a fonction Half speed ond double speed

Regarding the dot, don't think of the dot as just a symbol to be added or removed. It's not, it's an integral part of the duration of the note, in the same way the flag or beam on an eighth note is. You don't remove a flag to turn an eighth note into a quarter, or remove a stem to turn a half note into a whole note. You simply change the duration, and the appearance of the note changes automatically.

So, to change a note - any note, dotted or not - into a quarter, click and and then click the quarter note icon, or press the shortcut "5".

For the "acceleration", press Ctrl+A to select the whole score, then Ctrl+X to cut, then Edit / Paste Half Duration (paste double would have the opposite effect). But indeed, as discussed above, maybe all you really want to do is change the tempo. Add a tempo marking from the palette then edit it to be the tempo you want.

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I don't want to change the duration but to write it without the dot since the dot make it sound too long for my test but typing 4 or 3 sounds like a good idea
thank you
Haven't tried ctrl-A/ctrl-X yet. I hope it doesn't just play faster I want the score to be faster. i.e change every quaver to semi-quaver etc. Doing it manually is a long job. Changing a quaver to semiquaver adds a semi-quaver silence so it's not so simple
maybe I should write a new, this time faster.
thanks again

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I wish it was a little more flexible and give me option to play faster/slower more that half or double, even without changing the score, just to hear how it sounds
I upgraded to ans still have to load style to fight with the font
haven't found how to load and save template

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