Cross Stave Notation

• Jan 22, 2020 - 10:07

Hi All,

I needed to do some cross stave notation in a couple of bars in an arrangement, but despite thoroughly and carefully following the instructions for doing this from the Online Handbook for Musescore 3, it ain't happening. The most likely explanation is, that although I THINK I'm following the instructions correctly/carefully, I'm doing something wrong, BUT just in case I'm not, can anyone advise/help? Thank you!


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Hi Marc, MuseScore score O_Mio_Babbino_Caro.mscz O_Mio_Babbino_Caro.mscz attached; I was trying to get an arpeggio running from the bass (L.H.) part to the treble (R.H.) as one linked phrase (these were originally going to be in bars 7, 13 and 20). . I input and then highlight the first note and click on Control & Shift as in the Online Manual instructions - but nothing happens. Nothing at all!

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