Note Name Plugin in Musescore 3.4: results hard to read

• Jan 30, 2020 - 22:50

If I recall, in the order versions of the Note Name Plugin, prior version three, the note names were displayed together above the staff. In the current version in Musescore 3.4, the note names are displayed above or even on the note, which makes it difficult to read. It's also more distracting. See image and score below for example. I suggest updating the plugin so the note names are easier to read.



It does seem to be a bug, (compatibility between the new version and the plugin). While waiting for the fix you can work around it by selecting all staff texts (via selection of similar elements) and with inspector F8 restore 'minimum distance' and 'Y offset' (defaults)

Somehow these notenames lost their style for Min. distance and Offsets.
Rightclick one, select all and reset those values to their defaults in Inspector

Oops, @gipi14 said exactly that before...

Indeed a 3.4 regression, 3.3.4 behaves correctly here at least the Min. distance setting is set to the default (of 0.50sp rather than some seemingly random numbers) and Y-Offset too (to -2.00sp rather than 0)

Got to be a(n unintended) consequence of a63092ba
Hmm, no, that change is in MuseScore 3.3.3 already, but there the problem doesn't seem to happen?!?

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