All icons have become unusably tiny, no idea why...

• Feb 2, 2020 - 11:32

So I don't think I touched the preferences but my icons suddenly are tiny. What do I need to change to make them go back to normal? See attached image.

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I have disabled my other monitor so it only appears on one and have changed the resolution multiple times, I have reverted to factory settings a few times but it still stays won't go bigger without changing the icon size manually. On Windows Scale and Layout settings, 'Change the size of text , apps and other items' that seems to effect it, making the top button spaces massive but the icons stay tiny. But I think after some tinkering with it what I have it at now is perfectly usable... Hopefully it stays that way... Thanks for your help!

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Exactly the same problem with a 1920 x 1080 TV for me too. Plus pop up windows need to be re- sized to see buttons under task bar. I forget how to fix after updating every few months, and takes an hour to look through forums identify and try all methods. Any possibility of Musescore to automatically recognize the desktop resolution to fix tiny icon problem?

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Indeed, normally, MuseScore does recognize the resolutin, but we rely on the operating system to report it to us in the way we expect, and in certain cases like yours, for whatever reason, that doesn't happen. Your OS may have a setting to override this. For example, on WIndows, if you go to the properties for the "exe" file of MuseScore, there are high DPI setting available - I think under "Compatibility" - and changing those might work. or you can use the "-D xxx" command line option, where "xxx" is the actual resolution in DPI. If you are changing monitors often, might be useful to write down the solution that works on your particular system so you can easily come back to it.

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Its a pre Win 10 LCD 55" TV , early HD 1920 x 1080. I think it's HDMI connection is not talking to Win 10 properly, and sometimes needs a "full view" TV adjustment/reboot to stop task bar cut off on 16:9 ratio. All my other screens and laptops work fine. I am going to put a sticky note on this old TV to remind me to run in Windows 8 compatibility mode for Musescore... just happy that there was a work around. btw, Looks great when fixed - nice and big and crisp and easy to see for a group of ppl

Hello All,

I had the Musescore 3 tiny icon issue on my Windows 10 PC. Here is how I fixed the problem:
> Right Click the MuseScore 3 shortcut icon on your Desktop.
> Click "Open file location".
> Right Click "MuseScore3.exe" (this is the program's executable).
> Click "Properties".
> Click the "Compatibility" tab at the top of the window.

Note: I tried using the "Change high DPI settings > check "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by: Application, System, and System (Enhanced)." options, but these did not do anything.

> What I did under the "Compatibility" tab was Clicked the "Run compatibility troubleshooter" and let Windows fix the problem. IT WORKED!!! RESOLVED!!!!

I hope this helps!

Lucas B.

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