Master Palette won't stay on page

• Feb 6, 2020 - 18:44

I haven't used Musescore in a while so something might have changed. I open a new score, click View and open Master Palette. When I click on the score, Master Palette goes behind the page. My question is 2-fold:
1. How can I get Master Palette to stay on the page?
2. How can I set it up so that Master Palette opens and is available automatically?
Any help is deeply appreciated.


Is there a reason you are wanting to do this? The master palette is designed to be used only rarely. You should normally be using the normal palette - the one simply listed as "Palettes" in the View menu.

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It doesn't have more options - not ones anyone would normally ever use, anyhow. It might appear that way if you are using the Basic workspace, which limits the palettes, but switch to Advanced and they are virtually identical. And regardless of which workspace you choose, it easy enough to customize them, just click the "More" button in the palette to see whatever might have been left off, then drag things into the palette, or delete them from the regular palette to move them to the "More" area.

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