Pizzicato with custom soundfonts in MuseScore 3

• Feb 9, 2020 - 02:42

Good Evening.
My Orchestra teacher has asked me to put the scores for our contest music in MuseScore, and I have been using custom soundfonts. I have run into a problem however, and need help. I am not used to the newer versions of musescore, and the mixer in MS 3 is different from the mixer in MS 2. in MS 2, the different channels for string instruments (arco, pizzicato, tremolo) were 3 separate things, and you could pick the correct sound in the mixer from your soundfonts. But in MS3, it only displays the arco channel. How can I change the soundfonts for pizzicato so it can change back and forth with the correct sounds?


See the image here:
It states:
"These extra channel tracks can be shown or hidden by clicking the arrow button on top of the track control."
Once you expose those tracks in the Mixer, you can assign the correct sound from your custom soundfont.

Now you can use the 'Text' palette to easily apply sound changes (pizz., tremolo, arco) into the score.

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