User Defined Text settings change when saving

• Feb 16, 2020 - 20:35

I am having problems with the user defined system text. Can be repeated by the following steps.

  • Create a new score, give it a Title, chose Guitar and Tablature then finish to accept all other defaults
  • Go to Note Entry mode and add four quavers in each of the first three bars then exit note entry
  • Click Format, Style... from the menu, highlight Text Styles and select User-1
  • Change the Name from User-1 to Rehearsal Text, change the font size to 12 pt
  • Change X offset to 3.00sp and Y offset to -3.00sp
  • Click the button to align the baseline of text to reference point
    Edit Text Style.png

These settings should put the text at the same height as Rehearsal Mark and a bit along. Now to add some text with the new style.

  • Select the first note in bar 2
  • Open the Text palette and double click Rehearsal Mark
  • Select the note again, double click System Text to add, then change System Text style to Rehearsal Text in the Inspector
  • Double click on the text and change it to read Intro
  • Repeat for bar 3 changing the text to Verse

Now looks like this.
Step 1.png

Save and close the score, then open it from Open Recent. Intro and Verse are no longer in line with the Rehearsal Marks.
Step 2.png

Select Intro and in the Inspector it shows the X and Y offset have changed to 0.00sp and -2.00sp.
Step 3.png

Change the System Text Style to something else, then back to Rehearsal Text. It now lines up again.
Step 4.png

Why is this happening?

I am running MuseScore Revision 148e43f on Windows 10 version 1903 OS Build 18362.657. I have attached my score and style.


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