Problems with User Defined System Text

• Feb 16, 2020 - 18:22

I am having problems with the user defined system text. I created a style which I called Rehearsal Text so that I could enter things like Verse and Chorus after the Rehearsal marks. This replaces User-4 in my style sheet.

I added system text to my score and changed the style to Rehearsal Text. I set the Y offset the same as Rehearsal Mark and the X to 3.60sp in the Inspector. I then clicked the S by the Offsets in Inspector to update the style.
Inspector Offset.png

When I open Format, Style... it hasn't updated the X Offset, instead it's showing 2.50sp.
Format Style.png

Looking at the positons of the Rehearsal Text in my score it shows different X offsets even though they are set with default values.

Clicking on the first note in bar 6 I double click Rehearsal Mark in the palette to insert one. Select the note again, double click System Text in the palette and then change the System Text style in the Inspector to Rehearsal Text. The X offset in the Inspector shows it as 2.50sp not 3.60sp and the reset to default button is greyed out as though it was correct for the style.
wrong offset.png

At the end of the score I have two voltas. I select the first note of bar 23 and insert a Rehearsal Mark form the palette, select the note again, insert System Text and change it to Rehearsal Text.


I responded in the other thread about the issue on save/reload, which is definitely a bug.

The fact that "set as style" doesn't work as you expect is maybe a bug, maybe a feature. What's happening is it actually sets the default offset for the element type (system text), not the current text style (rehearsal text). It's a bit of a gray area. I suspect most people would prefer it affect the current text style. I know this has come up before but don't remember there being a definitive consensus.

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As it turns out, the set as style issue is a side effect of the save/reload issue. I also note that offsets will reset themselves if you make any other change to any other style setting.

I have created an issue summarizing all this - #301259: Wrong offset used for text elements with non-default text styles. I will submit a fix soon. Thanks for reporting this, I've long known there were weirdnesses in this but never quite wrapped my head around it fully until now.

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