My computer is broken.

• Feb 23, 2020 - 06:20

This desktop has been with us for about nine years and it was working fine until yesterday evening. Now it just gets bluescreened whenever it tries to start up, and nothing seems to be fixing it. That means that my 300+ Musescore files that are on that hard drive are now inaccessible. Hopefully not lost entirely, but given how old this computer is, that may be possible.
I won’t be posting much until we can get this thing fixed or until the computer somehow just starts working again. Something similar happened to my laptop just a few months ago and it never recovered.


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Raymond, Your files are most likely just fine. The computer is probably fixable. Though it sounds like a new computer is in order. There is an inexpensive adaptor you can get that will allow you to connect that hard drive to another computer via USB. Then there is free software (Recuva, for example) that will allow you to copy and paste your files to a new computer. It's not rocket science, not expensive, and you can do it yourself.

Have you tried booting in safe mode? You might be able to just boot up the BIOS and see if the hard drive is still recognized.

After trying to boot it in safe mode, running the command prompt, and other unsuccessful attempts, the only other option I had that wouldn’t harm my files was to do a system reset with all my personal stuff backed up into a backup hard drive. It took several hours , but when it finally finished, the computer told me that the reset was unsuccessful, and now I can’t run startup repair for some reason. We don’t even have a Windows installation disc to help with the system reset, so I guess we have to bring the desktop to a repair shop. What’s worse is that I don’t even know if my files have been backed up properly, so most of my stuff could be lost!

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Have you confirmed whether the hard drive is recognized in the BIOS? (accessible before booting the OS)

Additionally, since your OS bluescreens on startup, there exist bootable tools that can run from a usb stick (or from a 'burned-to' CD disk) - so no need to use the OS to check/repair the drive.
For example:…

We finally brought it to the computer shop and thank God that they got it fixed. All my files were safe in the backup drive, and nothing was lost. My computer also runs way faster now since they cleaned up all the "cobwebs" which were apparently messing up the internal fan.

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