Where has all the music gone?

• Apr 6, 2020 - 17:22

I have recently upgraded to a Pro account as I wish to be able to download scores and I was led to believe that this would only be available to Pro users. However most of the immense database seems to have disappeared. I can only back track 40 pages, which takes me back just a day if I am browsing generally, and about 4 months if I am trying to locate string quartets (music for violin, viola and cello with 4 instruments), which is what I am most interested in.

I need sometimes to go back further, for example to locate a score that I have downloaded previously. This no longer seems possible. Is it?



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Thank yo Jojo for your prompt responses and patience!
I followed the link above and eventually found a relevant thread to follow. It appears to be a problem with the numbering that appears at the bottom of the screen. I can now get further than the 40 pages but clicking on "last" still takes me only to page 100.
I will pursue this elsewhere.

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