• Apr 21, 2020 - 00:25

Got a new computer. My old one had musescore 2 and musescore 3. Can anyone tell me how to get musescore 2 back, since musescore 3 barely works? Every time I try to download version 2, either the screen turns black or it just sits there not responding to any clicks. And don't tell me I have a virus- that's what a previous post said. This is a brand new computer.


While it's possible your old computer might have had hardware issue that prevented MuseScore 3 from working, your new one almost certainly does not. So if you're having some specific problem with it, please attach the score you are having problems with and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem so we can investigate. In general, MuseScore 3 should work a ton better than 2 on any modern computer - much faster, fewer crashes and other bugs, etc.

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It’s still not clear what you mean. It’s possible to download MuseScore using any web browser you like, it’s just a plain ordinary installer file. and once you’ve downloaded it, the program doesn’t care which Browser you used.

If you are having some sort of issue with the program displaying a blank screen or becoming non-responsive, we’d need you to attach the score you are working on and precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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That's fine, I have it now. I just thought that you should know that it might not download from google or firefox or AOL, only from Microsoft edge. You might think it is working on all browsers, but all I was getting was a black screen, so if people are having trouble downloading, you might tell them to try a different browser. It may be my computer, which came pre-loaded with Microsoft Edge and was pretty aggressive about NOT letting me choose another browser as my default.

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Seems like a pretty serious problem with your system then - bad graphics driver or some such. Because no way should a perfectly ordinary website download button do that, and again, it doesn’t for others. You might consider updating your device drivers, and make sure your OS is up to date. But, to be clear - when you say AOL, you meant America Online? As far as I know, they haven’t produced a browser in almost 15 years. So I’m wondering how old your system actually is; it might well be too old both in terms of hardware and software to be able to run MuseScore 3 successfully.

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The trouble with them is they try to control me by inserting all of my work with ads when I am on the internet and taking me to the internet non-stop when I am just trying to work on my own stuff. Every time I use Edge, I have to go in afterward and delete it or cortana will drive me crazy. .

Hmmm. What you said (using an obsolete browser, browsers going to the Internet by themselves, ads, etc.) raises the possibility of malware or adware on your computer.

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