Update note pitch value

• Apr 30, 2020 - 16:20

I am working on a plugin that updates note pitch values. However, some notes reflect the updated values on the score, and others do not.
var refPitch = cursor.element.notes[0].pitch;

while (cursor.segment != null && cursor.tick <= endTick) {
if (cursor.element.type == Element.CHORD) {
cursor.element.notes[0].pitch = refPitch;

When the script ends, the pitch values for the notes are correct, but the displayed score doesn't reflect the changes. Is there a function to redraw the score?


I have that same question. Coloring the notes in a score by a dialog plugin often does not change anything visually unless you scroll the score the tiniest bit. So I guess, bmiller793's code changes the pitches but the score on the page doesn't. Probably until the score is scrolled.

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