Release notes for MuseScore 3.3 Release Candidate 2 (October 22, 2019)

Updated 4 years ago
This page shows old instructions for MuseScore 1.
For MuseScore 4 users, see Release notes for MuseScore 3.3 Release Candidate 2 (October 22, 2019).
Build number Date Announcement
macOS 10.10+:, Windows 7+ (32 and 64-bit):, AppImage: 3.3.0. (revision: 399151f) 2019-10-22


  • Current workspace is automatically saved on each action that changes the workspace
  • Basic and Advanced workspaces are automatically marked as "edited" if you customise palettes or toolbars
  • Palettes and workspaces can be reset to the default state defined by the workspace you started customisations from
  • Add time delay when dragging palette elements to avoid occasional moving palette cells


  • It was impossible to use keyboard with palettes on macOS if any additional window appears while working with the palettes
  • Filters (F6) for Lyrics and Chord Symbols were mixed up
  • Unable to consequently insert symbols from a palette in text editing mode
  • Lyrics Y offset in parts was lost on save/reload
  • It was impossible to enter successive sticking elements
  • MuseScore crashed when undoing adding an instrument in continuous view
  • Delete confirmation appeared several times when deleting multiple cells

Complete list of issues resolved

Here is a complete list of the issues resolved in this update:

Layout and automatic placement

  • #286185: bends above the staff drawn incorrectly


  • #295202: Filters (F6) for Lyrics and Chord Symbols are mixed up in 3.3 RC
  • Add a time delay for reordering palette elements with drag-and-drop. This should prevent reordering palette items by accident when dragging palette element to a score.
  • Fix showing a placeholder when adding a custom item to a palette
  • #295260: ensure focus on a scoreview after inserting symbols from a palette in text editing mode
  • Fix hidden custom cells being shown incorrectly in some workspaces
  • Make "Reset Palette" action reset to a state stored in the source workspace file
  • Make restored palettes appear at the top of palettes list
  • Rework workspaces editing workflow. Workspaces are saved automatically after each change (prevents possible loss of data). Read-only workspaces are automatically saved to different location with "edited" suffix. Edited versions of Basic and Advanced workspace hide the default ones in the workspaces list.
  • #295351: fix inability to return focus to QML palettes in some cases


  • #290947: Lyrics: frame, border and highlight styling regressions
  • #295357: lyrics Y offset in parts lost on save/reload
  • #279964: bend font not connected to style
  • #286188: text on prebend misplaced
  • #295531: unable to enter successive sticking elements
  • #292830: fix copying lyrics to clipboard
  • #295153: minimum distance property for all kinds of fermata is not saved

Corruptions and/or loss of data, crashes

  • #295224: end-start-repeat crashes in timeline
  • Fix a crash on reading a workspace with non-existing preferences. This should prevent issues like #295238 from happening in future in case new settings get introduced to MuseScore
  • Fix losing workspace on renaming
  • #295792: fix a crash on changing duration of multiple notes in some situations
  • #295842: fix a crash on launching MuseScore with -s option
  • #295881: fix a crash on undoing adding an instrument in continuous view


  • Fix Delete key not working in "Custom" section of "More" popup
  • Try to return focus to palette after closing palette-related dialogs
  • Show delete confirmation only once when deleting multiple cells