Minimum distance property for all kinds of fermata is not saved

• Oct 2, 2019 - 09:45
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1) Add a fermata to a score.
2) Change its "min. distance" property.
3) Save/reload file.

Result: minimum distance for fermata has its default value rather than that assigned before saving.

Possibly some other element types are also affected, I didn't check them yet.

The issue exists both in 3.1 (where that property got introduced) and 3.3 Beta2 versions.


Confirmed, all fermatas (fermata, short fermata, long fermata...) affected but not other articulations (tried a handful).

Title Minimum distance property for all kinds of is not saved Minimum distance property for all kinds of fermata is not saved


There might indeed be some other elements affected, but I know it does work for most. Most of my testing wasn't based on changing min distance directly, but rather moving elements into the skyline, which automatically updates min distance as necessary. This did cause me to miss one case, with lines, where min distance only got written if the offset had been changed due to how the line properties were handled. But I just fixed that (see #294728: Lines: Minimum distance is not saved with score unless it is part of the style).

BTW, that bug I fixed with lines is exactly why you don't want to move your write of min distance underneath the "if (!isStyled(Pid::OFFSET))". The reason it failed is we were only writing min distance if offset was changed also, because there was no separate checked for min distance. It might be uncommon to change min distance without also changing offset, but not unheard of. And that's what the isStyled() is checking - whether the property has in fact been changed from the default.

We'll see, once 3.3.0 final got branched off of master (or whether the 3.3RC branch gets used to branch of 3.3.0 final and some commits from master get cherry-picked)

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