Bends above the pitched staff are badly-shaped

• Mar 17, 2019 - 10:20
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S3 - Major

On the pitched staff, upbends are a mess above F# (top staff line). OK on a tab staff.


Suggestion. When a bend is applied to a note above the staff, it should assume the same shape and size as a bend applied to a note on the top line of the staff.

Related to #286108: [EPIC] Bends issues.


I have encountered the same problem. I wonder if the developers are (or will be) addressing this? It appears that the arrow heads are maintaining a fixed vertical position and the rest of the symbol is being twisted around to fit, with bad results.

This hasn't changed since 2.0 as far as I can tell. The position of the text / top of bend is fixed, the start point of the bend float with the note.

So, to fix this, we should make the entire bend float with the note, so they don't all line up nicely any more but are of consistent size & shape? Can someone post some examples from the literature and discuss further?

Or just tell me if the following makes sense. Basically, I'm taking the size & shape of the bend when the note is on the top line, and then pushing the whole thing higher as necessary:


As I recall, bends originally weren't supported for standard staves at all, so the original code never had to deal with this (notes above the staff aren't generally a thing on tab). It was easy enough to enable bends for standard staves, but I guess we didn't think through the unique layout situations that would could come up in standard staves.

Looks fine. However, IMV, the minimum tallness of bends could be increased a little to improve readability, perhaps to match that of the bend on the 4th line of the music staff (D).

Maybe a Style property to allow the user to set the minimum tallness would be helpful?

Perhaps so. I didn't want to change the existing behavior, especially for tab, and increasing the default height would. I also don't want a case where you get a taller bend on a higher note than a lower one - the opposite of what normally happens. So making the default height a style setting seems the only way to get taller bends above the staff without breaking something else. Worth a separate Suggestion.

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit f53c93d0a5

_fix #286185: bends above the staff drawn incorrectly

The original impelementation of bends was for tablature only
and had no need to handle notes above the staff.
Eventually standard staves were supported,
but no allowances were made for notes above the staff.
This changes simply adjusts the vertical position of the bend
to be as high above notes above the staff
as they are notes on the top line.
It's just a matter of forcing the notePos (used in both layout and drawing)
to be no less than zero._

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